Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Path to Midwifery

In the winter of 2008 one of my best friends leant me a book on holistic health and healing from the Pan-African perspective. In my journey of discovery I learned many things by the time I finished reading that small gem. I knew there was a better, more natural way to live a be a true healthy person. I also knew, like the moment you lay your eyes on your true love, I would become a midwife. I didn't know much about midwifery or it's history in the United States, around the world, or amongst people of color. I lived children deeply and always had and I loved to write, which was why I was pursing a degree in English Education. But the feeling never felt quite "right" it just seemed like the obvious choice. When I read that book and zoned in on the chapter that focused on midwives, doulas, and homebirth a world was opened up to me that I didn't know still existed. I had heard about waterbirth through the media, but nothing that truly got my attention. As I read about blessinway ceremonies, baby wearing, cloth diapering, eating a clean and holistic diet during pregnancy (and hopefully always), natural foods, the unnesasary use of vaccinations and circumcision I was blown away at all I did not know and learned. From then on I knew what I should do and I was determined to be become a midwife and REintroduce traditional birthing traditions to People of color in my community and around the country. Once I am interested in something I become immersed in it until I know every detail of what I need to do to achieve my goal. As I began to walk my path I discovered that the US was far more strict on birth laws than other countries around the world and pushed hard for hospital births even though the US has one of the highest mortality rates in the world. In the state I live in, in particular, Pennsylvania midwifery is illegal. To be more specific, Certified Professional Midwives or CPMs, are illegal, meaning the right to have a midwife you has been trained by an apprentice or through traditional midwifery school, assist you in your birth at home is not permitted. Nurse-midwives are the only form of midwives legally able to assist births in Penbsylvania. As I began to research more and try to figure out exactly which path I wanted to take in order to become a midwife I learned of many of the political aspects behind legalizing midwifery. While my decisions usually relied on me weighing pros and cons, this particular dicision was more a matter of the heart. I believed in homegrown midwives, and traditions that had been passed down for generations. I also believed in the woman's ability to give birth without intervention unless it was truly nessasary. Often times in a hospital setting a woman's power is taken away in what can be the most powerful moment of her life. I felt that training with a direct-entry midwife would give me the training I was looking for and fit with the natural lifestyle I was beginning to try and live. Now finding a school, figuring out how to become a CPM and all the many different rules and regulations that came with midwifery would be a long journey that I am still trying to complete. After working in jobs I was not passionate about after I graduated in 2008, in 2010/2011 I decided to actively pursue becoming a midwife. No one around me except very close friends could understand why I would want to be a midwife or what a midwife was, or even if they still existed. The topic seemed to bring out many emotions in people,a fear that I truly didn't understand. We have been taught to see birth as such a scary and terrifying thing, even dangerous. Those views and permeated into the minds of women and many have lost sight of the fact that our bodies were built and designed to give birth naturally. It is not something we have to "get through" or survive. Birth is a right of passage, whatever woman you were before you gave birth, that woman will be forever changed after, usually for the better and stronger. I want to teach women to believe in themselves again. As my journey continues I am learning so much. I have met so many amazing sisters who are on this journey with me and their passion and determination helps me to keep going. I am about to start my second course with The Art of Midwifery with Joanne Dozor, who I respect and learned so much from. I plan to be a certified doula by the end of the year and I am saving do that I can attend the school I have fallen in love with Maternidad la Luz in El Paso, Texas. I am determined to make my dreams a reality. I am filled with love and light that I want to spread throughout the world. Namaste.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Power of Setting Your Intention

We carry the power within us to create our bliss. We often underestimate how much our own thoughts can dictate how we progress on our path. Since I have been on my journey I've had the pleasure if studying and reading the works of great spiritual guides. I first heard of the concept of setting your intention from Dr. Wayne Dyer. He speaks a lot about choosing who we want to be and how we want to feel by using affirmations. Speak kindly to yourself. We have tendency to abuse ourselves mentally. As easy at is to tell yourself, I'm a loser, I'm a bad person, I'm a failure, switch that language in your head. I'm an amazing person, I'm a kind person, I will be successful, I have the power within me to change the world. Speak your Truth to yourself and I promise you, you will see a change in your life. You have the power within you to create your destiny. That's why we are here. The Universe wants you to be successful and achieve your souls goals. If you are true to your path, you will know it. Your light will shine through, you will glow, things will be easier because you are walking the right way. Everyday I set my intention for myself. It can be anything, small or large that you want to accomplish for the day. Today I will not overeat. Today I will say one kind thing to everyone I come in contact with. You will be amazed how something so simple can change the course of your entire day! Speak kindly to yourselves and love yourselves. Peace & Balance.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heal Thyself

A culture that has lost its folk medicine, or its ability to heal and cure everyday problems with everyday materials, has lost a part of its soul. -Matthew Wood

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Wonderful World of Wheatgrass!

As I continue (or begin) my journey of holistic health and wellness, I keep making amazing discoveries of the gifts nature has given us. The ultimate favorite on my list is wheatgrass. I discovered wheatgrass about a year ago and since then i have been obsessed with this miracle plant! Wheatgrass is easily accessible, affordable, and I love finding new and delicious ways to get it down. the most common form to find wheatgrass in is liquid, it's usually juiced. Super trendy spots that are health and exercise conscious sometimes have wheatgrass shots for sale,since it is considered a Superfood. However, when I first began my research on wheatgrass I wanted to get my hands on some ASAP! Unfortunately it wasn't that easy. I found a few roadblocks in the Philly area. I couldn't find anywhere that sold wheatgrass plants, or even sold it juiced for that matter. After visiting a local co-op Weaver's Way, http://weaversway.coop/, I finally discovered the powdered version. It is made by a brand called Amazing Grass,the drink powder is USDA organic, gluten free,vegan, and raw.
I don't even know where to begin with the numerous benefits of this green wonder. Injesting helps to detoxify and cleanse your body. It increases and sustains energy naturally. A much better alternative than caffine riddled products. Mix the powder in with a homemade smoothie to give an energetic start to your day. It is also super high in alkalinity and helps to balance your body's Ph level. It stengthens your immune systems and the insoluble fiber cleanses your digestive tract and promotes regularity. For some a whatgrass shot can bbe difficult to take, I love the grassyness of it but others find it hard to get it dowm. It is simple to find ways to mix it into a great tasting drink!
The antioxidants found in wheatgrass help to repair damaged cells, it is a source of beta carotene, folic acid and vitamin C.
Basically, it's amazing and you should go out and find some today!
If you are in the Philadelphia area check out, The Wheatgrass Grower, http://www.wheatgrassgrower.com/aboutus.html. I try to support locally as much as I can and this woman's story and spirit had me sold from the beginning. Her life has been completely changed from this simple plant. If you would like to grow your own wheatgrass or have a sample shipped to you this is the place to go! She serves Eastern PA, NY, CT, NJ, DE, MD, and DC. Perishable items are only shipped on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Be spiritually and physically nourished.
Peace & Balance